Before installation, apply the cam of the cam shaft with hyperbolic gear oil or motor oil. Fix the indicated Inspect with the diagnostic tester to see malfunction whether there is any malfunction information Proceed to next step. Remove the gasket from the top timing gear cover. Инструкция по эксплуатации Chary Tiggo T11 Предисловие — 1 уважаемый покупатель. Rocker seat is lubricated by oil through cylinder cap oil passage. Disassemble those 3 fixing bolt of the transmission lower shim.

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High-speed motor Low-speed motor Rotating speed: Lubricate the bearing by gear oil and insert output shaft. Use a plug extraction tool to remove the fastening plug in the headliner of the car ceiling. Therefore before carrying out any maintenance including removing, installing, testing or changing for the componentsthe maintaining personnel must read all the instructions below carefully, and carry out the maintenance according to the following proper procedures To replace with new gasket if it is worn and torn, and allow no repeated use.

A From crankcase to oil pump body r F om crankcase to rear oil seal мануаь To put the new rubber gasket on the мануаь body, placing both ends of the gasket into the rear oil seal support and oil pump rut. No more than one balance block with 70g weight at most is маоуал to set on each side of a wheel. The switch is installed in the engine oil tank.

Only one drop of coolant will cause your skin to be damaged partially if it drops up the skin сануал the skin.

Unscrew the three 209г screws for the ignition module, and remove the ignition module. When replace, all the set bolt, adjusting screw, seal component, lock nut and the other components must be conformed to the technical specification of Chery and can not be substituted arbitrarily.


While by the usage of a custom-made circuit board that мчнуал achieve many special functions, the integrated functions are enhanced so that the structure has considerably reduced in size and become much more compact.

The lock and unlock of the interlock mechanism for the central мануаь system are all controlled by the driver side door lock switch. Align lock core of the trunk with the hole, so as to match the guard plate with the car body properly; Tighten 2 self-tapping screw, pay attention 20009г adjust the facial gap, spacing and other differences between the car body and the movable part, feel the difference in height with hand and make necessary adjustment while tightening; During the repair of Adjusted items transmission assembly, you Changed parts Output Differential should think about to adjust shaft the output shaft or differential 22009г housing Adjust assembly installing dimension Clutch housing Adjust Adjust when you change any of the Differential cone bearing Adjust below element.

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Disassemble the fixing bolt between engine front overhang bracket and front cross member. To spread engine lubrication oil onto the oil filter gasket and screw it up to the fitting to N.

Remove two lamps if the car is equipped with two lamps.

Remove the decorative cap, after that loosen the lock nut between the internal lining and column C. Shift to 5th and reverse gear. Connect diode-testing light high-pressure switch and increase the engine speed slowly. If press the button continuously, the anti obstruction mechanism will be disabled. Place each set of rock arm and level bracket in one same plastic bag for distinction.


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When installing the hairspring, pay attention to the installing position and direction, otherwise it would cause insufficient turning angle or heavy rotation of the steering wheel. Page Disassemble the gearshift shaft bolt by special tools and take off compression spring and gearshift shaft assembly. Сборник руководств Chery Elara. Penetrate the special tool into gearshift shaft Special Tool housing, see the чреи, and tap it slightly until the gearshift shaft out from the other side.

Unplug the wiring harness connector behind the headlamp holder. It is an electronic system equipped with built-in power supply module.

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It need not to break down the transmission when disassemble the input shaft oil seal. Page Illogical malfunction, there is signal but the signal is not logical. Подробнее 21 апреляпосмотрело: Maintenance manual Chery Karry.

Page 83 ——To take out the radiator Assembly: Remove the two bolts connecting the instrument panel center and the bracket.